Welcome to the watercolor gallery! In addition to her professions as pianist and writer, Carol Montparker is a watercolorist. An exciting cross-pollination between her work as a professional musician and as a painter has produced a series of paintings and collages that have appeared on the covers and illustrations within various music magazines and her recent books, including: Polly and the Piano, The Blue Piano and Other Stories, A Pianist's Landscape, and A Pianist's Journal in Venice has a watercolor on every page. All artwork listed is available for purchase on the Order Page. Click on any thumbnail image to enlarge.


The Pianogarden Card Collection

Some of these images were painted by Carol Montparker for Clavier Magazine, and are now part of Montparker's Pianogarden card collection sold exclusively by this website. Each set of cards consists of 10 (5" x 7") watercolors.


The Composer Collage Print Collection






The collages are very recent original artistic projects borne of spontaneous inspiration, love, and homage to these great composers. All prints are 11" x 17". Available individually or as a set of five.





The Pianogarden poster, first seen on the cover of Clavier magazine, of which Montparker was senior editor for fifteen years, was made into a poster as a result of readers' requests, and is sold at certain galleries and music stores including the Juilliard bookstore at Lincoln Center.
17" x 22"

Pianofest Northwest used an image from Montparker's new book, Polly and the Piano for their promotional material. By popular demand it was made into a poster.
11" x 17"




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