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NEW! Summertime Workshops
Summer GardenSteinway Artist, pianist, lecturer and author, Carol Montparker, conducts her workshops, concentrating on works-in-progress with emphasis on interpretation, technique, troubleshooting, music as literature: the entire "pianist's landscape"-- for teachers, serious piano students, piano groups, or associations, presented either in her Huntington, Long Island studio (one hour east of NYC by train or car), or upon request at your locale--(limited to NY, CT, NJ, areas.) These workshops have, for the past two seasons, been highly successful and well-attended in Ms. Montparker's ongoing series,"The Composer's Landscape" at The Steinway Piano Gallery of Long Island.

The Summertime Workshops are offered June 20th through August 30. The themes will be created according to the specific requests or preferences of the group. A minimum of five participants is required for scheduling, and will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with a break for lunch in the garden. Tuition varies according to size of group.

For further details and inquiries, please telephone Ms. Montparker at 631-427-7556 or email

Teaching Studio Announcement
I have maintained a private teaching studio at my home in Huntington, New York, for more than 30 years. It is a beautiful space, filled with art, nature, books, and two beautiful Steinway grands, all of which, I believe, enhance the process of music-making.

Montparker Studio Montparker Studio  

For the past several years I cut back somewhat on my teaching in order to work on my books, The Anatomy of a New York Debut Recital, A Pianist's Landscape, The Blue Piano and other Stories, Polly and the Piano, A Pianist's Journal in Venice, and A Pianist's Homecoming.  I believe that I have best expressed my teaching methods and beliefs in many of the essays and stories I have written--- from reflections about my heritage from my own great teachers, to portraits of exceptional students I have been blessed to teach, to coaching sessions I have been fortunate to have with some of the world's leading concert pianists. My teaching is one of the most creative and fulfilling aspects of my life, and now with all that writing behind me, I have decided to extend my schedule a bit to accommodate another day in my studio.

I would like to encourage those who would like to refine their skills and make beautiful music at the piano to contact me at my email address, I will gladly listen to any students as long as there is deep interest, some potential, and love.

Student recital at Steinway Piano Gallery

Two of many letters  I have received from students over the years, that make me know that teaching is the highest calling of all:

Dear Carol,

Minutes ago I finished reading the last page of A Pianist's Landscape. Humility and deep gratitude are the emotions I am feeling. You have said it all so eloquently. This is not a book I read, then place on a bookshelf among other volumes that become a part of the room decor. NO! I need this book on my bedside table so that I can reach it whenever I need inspiration or a reminder of how fortunate I am to belong to the music-makers, the dreamers of dreams.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving such a generous and lovely gift to the world. I SEE and HEAR in ways I never did before because of your creative guidance.

I have certain objects that I carry with me wherever I go. A Pianist's Landscape will become worn and tattered but all the more loved as it resides in my backpack, to be taken out when I am on airplanes, perched on a rock beside a river, having coffee in a steamy restaurant, or in a Green Room anticipating a performance, I will take the book out of my bag and allow it to fall open wherever fate allows, then read the passage. You would be amazed how many times I find a passage that is magic! I've done this with books of poetry, music manuscripts, and other important documents and invariably the words or phrase of music is precisely what my troubled or joyful heart was seeking at the moment.

I am looking forward to my precious piano workshop with you on Friday. I will fly in that afternoon and I will be at the Wellington Hotel behind Carnegie Hall, board the train for Huntington, spend the time on Brahms, a new (for me) Chopin Impromptu, the one in Gb and some work on a new program. I also will play some Bach.



Hey Carol,

Just wanted to send a little note your way.  I honestly can't tell you how MUCH I love having lessons with you!!   Every time I leave our lesson, I have such a good feeling inside of me.  I really feel like you're helping me find a piece of myself I didn't know was there before.  It's hard to describe, but my life has been changed SO much for the better since I met you and started studying with you.  I know you said tonight that you've seen a growth in me, both personally and musically.  I definitely feel it too and truly want to thank you for this because I feel like you and the piano have a lot to do with it.  Your encouragement and guidance (and compliments) have helped me on so many levels!!  Even though there are times where I doubt myself, I hope you know just how much everything you say and do means to me!  I am so grateful that you are in my life!! Thank you so much for everything!!!!

Love always,                                                                                                                                                     

Christina : )

Carol Montparker, Steinway Artist, author, lecturer, and teacher, has conducted numerous workshops and master classes, at piano festivals, conferences, universities and colleges, for organizations, and at Steinway Hall in New York City, as well as at the Steinway Piano Gallery of Long Island.

In addition to her private teaching schedule, Montparker is also available for coaching at her own studio, hosting groups, or coaching individuals with works-in-progress in preparation for public performance. The focus is on interpretation, technique in the service of the music, and the entire "pianist's landscape".
YouTube Coaching Ben Meixell during
Master Class at Onandaga
State College in Syracuse, NY

Her new series, The Composer's Landscape, focuses on one composer at a time. Montparker performs a major work by the composer followed by a talk on the essentials of performing and interpreting that composer's works. Then four participants are chosen to perform works-in-progress in the master class portion of the program.

Auditors are invited to attend for a nominal fee of $10.

For more information on the series, please phone
Steinway at 631-424-0525, or email


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